For three generations, DALITUB has developed expertise in the transformation of steel, aluminium and stainless steel tubing of all sections (round, square, rectangular, etc.). Today, our business is mainly focused on medium and large production runs where advanced robotisation allows us to offer economic and powerful solutions to our customers.

Produits finis chez DalitubFinished products at Dalitub Our investment policy means that we always have the capacity to adopt the technologies required to manufacture your products.


DalitubWe have several cutting and brushing machines, some of which are directly integrated with our automatic production line.

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DalitubDALITUB has invested in tube laser-cutting machinery over a number of years. This powerful equipment allows us to offer new technical solutions.

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DalitubWe have a large number of digitally controlled bending machines, most of which are either fully automated or integrated with the production line.  Our current range extends from Ø 5mm to Ø 89mm.

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Cliquez à droite pour faire défiler le diaporamaEnd work Several automated machines are dedicated to end work including a latest-generation electric version. They complete all the end work required to obtain the parts specified by our customers.


DalitubDALITUB uses flattening-press cutting technology in a fully automated unit.

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DalitubDALITUB has integrated welding robots in its processes for more than 20 years. Today, we can weld steel, aluminium and stainless steel using a fleet of 26 welding robots.

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Increasingly complicated requests from our customers encourage us to introduce innovative, ever more powerful solutions; we are currently developing induction welding applications.


DalitubDALITUB has incorporated paint application in its manufacturing process for more than 30 years.

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We can offer a variety of finishes for your products through the application of epoxy or polyester paint with surface treatments to meet the most demanding requirements :

  • degreasing
  • rinsing
  • phosphating
  • chromic passivation
  • drying
  • electrostatic spray paint application
  • baking furnace paint polymerisation

Four infra rougeWe have recently invested in an additional infrared furnace so that we can offer a two-coat finish such as zinc primer + paint finish or decorative paint + varnish.